How to Get a Taxi Driver Badge in the United Kingdom?

In the United Kingdom and some other countries, taxi drivers often wear a badge. What is the purpose of these badges? Have you ever wondered what they are for? In the United Kingdom, you must have a taxi driver badge if you drive a taxi. As a licensed driver, this is an important way for the public to recognize you. Getting a taxi badge comes after getting a license as a taxi driver.

Whenever a driver is on duty, he or she must carry his or her badge at all times. Drivers are issued badges as proof that they are taxi drivers and understand all the rules and regulations concerning taxis. The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of how to get a taxi driver’s badge and what types of badges are available in the UK.

How to Get a Taxi Driver Badge in the United Kingdom?

Types of Taxi Badges

There are two types of taxi driver badges in the United Kingdom:

  • Hackney carriage license
  • Private hire license

In both cases, taxi drivers must carry badges for security reasons. A badge is your identification.

How to Get a Taxi Driver’s Badge

It is necessary to obtain a taxi driving license in order to obtain a taxi driver badge. If you don’t have a taxi driving license, you cannot get a badge or drive a cab. To get a taxi driving license you must pass all the tests required for the taxi driving license.  A taxi driving license and a taxi driver badge will be issued to you once you have applied and passed the taxi driving license tests.

For hackney carriages and private hire vehicles, drivers are entrusted with their passengers’ safety. You must be fit and proper to drive a taxi before you can receive a license. Furthermore, you will be known as a taxi driver from the badge for your own security.

Having a taxi license is just for the purpose of driving a taxi and is not for the passenger to know whether you are a taxi driver or not. As a taxi driver, you are required to display a taxi driver badge to identify yourself to passengers.

How to Get a License?

To get a taxi driver’s license in the United Kingdom you need to pass the theory and practical taxi driver test or you have to finish the necessary periodic training, send a medical if needed, and a criminal record check. And you must have the right to work in the United Kingdom.

You might also need the following:

  • A medical examination.
  • A knowledge test.
  • To take a driving test.
  • English proficiency.

Benefits of a Taxi Driver Badge

The benefits of a badge are as follows:

  • You can drive your taxi easily.
  • No issue from the police.
  • Passengers can easily recognize you.
  • No police ticket was issued to you.
  • Identification is easy.

Taxi badges are essential for taxi drivers. In the absence of a taxi driver badge, you will receive a ticket from the police if you attempt to drive a taxi. A badge cannot be obtained without a license, so if you want a badge you must first obtain a license.

The badge also serves as an identity for both the passenger and the police officer. If you do not have a taxi driver badge, passengers cannot determine your identity. Wearing the badge will make you look professional. Having a badge and license is a requirement for taxi drivers.