How to Make Money as a Taxi Driver in the UK in 2022?

Are you considering becoming a taxi driver in the UK? The choice is yours whether you want to drive a taxi for a public or private company. An individual can have a great career as a taxi driver. If you become a taxi driver in the United Kingdom, you can earn a generous salary. There is no doubt that you can earn anywhere between £20,000 and £30,000 a year in the United Kingdom. In this article, we discuss how to earn money as a taxi driver in the UK.

How to Make Money as a Taxi Driver in the United Kingdom?

How to Make Money as a Taxi Driver in the UK Money-making Taxi Types

To earn money as a taxi driver, you have two options: public hire taxis, also known as black cabs, and private hire taxis, commonly known as minicabs.

Public Hire Taxis | Black Cabs

Most people think of a taxi as a public hire vehicle. Taxi indicators on the roof make it easier for you to identify a Public Taxi. Furthermore, an indicator on the roof lets you know if the vehicle is in use. They can be found everywhere in the streets or at taxi ranks and do not need to be booked online.

These public hire vehicles are licensed by a recognized authority, also known as the Public Carriage Office. Public hire vehicles are common in larger cities such as the United Kingdom, where access to the roads is more limited.

Private Hire Vehicles | Minicabs

Private hire vehicles or you can say private minicabs are also licensed to carry passengers, but cannot stay in the street because they are pre-booked or you have to book it online or via phone. Minicabs or private hire vehicles are usually licensed to carry between 4 and 6 passengers depending on the size of the vehicle.

Minicabs can be also booked for one-off jobs or you can say for recurring work such as taking children to school and from school. Some private hire vehicles are also available to be booked for special events like weddings or parties. For example, Speedwell Taxi offers Pick & Drop, Event Hire, and Executive Hire services.

You can earn money by either picking up passengers from the street and dropping them at the desired location or by using private hire vehicles to get passengers without having to search for picks all over town. Both can be beneficial depending on your preferences.

You can also keep the entire fare if you own a taxi. The cost of gas and a daily rate must be deducted from your incoming fares if you lease. There are some taxi companies that take a percentage of your fares instead of a flat lease payment. Before committing to driving a taxi, make sure you research the company’s policies carefully.

Do Taxi Drivers Make Good Money?

Do Taxi Drivers Make Good Money?

The average taxi driver in the United kingdom earns between £20,000 to £30,000 per year. The average rate of pay per hour for a United Kingdom-based taxi driver is between £9 to £15 per hour. However, sometimes the rate goes up on days such as bank holidays and Saturday evenings.

The amount a taxi driver earns will naturally depend on the number of hours he or she works. Also, taxi drivers in the UK often receive tips from passengers, which boosts their salaries. People who dedicate themselves to taxi driving can earn a great deal of money if they work full-time at it.

Taxi drivers’ incomes also depend on whether they are public or private taxi drivers. Some taxi drivers are with companies, and their vehicles may even be provided by them. As an employee, the business usually covers expenses like insurance and fuel, so these drivers retain a high-income percentage.

How can I Make my Taxi Business Successful?

It is clear in a taxi driver’s job description what most customers will want to make them successful taxi drivers. In order to satisfy your customers, you need to pick them up from their desired location and drop them at their destination in a smooth, safe, and comfortable manner.

The most important thing is that you get the passengers to their destinations safely and soundly. Keeping the speed within the limit is important, and driving safely goes beyond avoiding accidents. Make their journey as comfortable as possible. Following all these rules will result in customer satisfaction, which will lead to success as a taxi driver.


For most towns and cities, taxi drivers provide necessary local transportation services in a safe and efficient manner. If you are planning to become a taxi driver you should think about which type of taxi is suitable for you to make good money. You can also work with companies if you don’t have a car to become a taxi driver.

In a private taxi, you have to purchase your own car, but you can make a good income since you are not limited in how many hours you work. However, most people do taxi driving as a part-time job and can earn an almost good living. Speedwell Taxi is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding taxi services. We have operators available 24/7 to assist you.